Susan Boyle fans angry at Sharon Osbourne


“America’s Got Talent” judge Sharon Osbourne gave UK singing sensation Susan Boyle a standing ovation when she made a guest appearance on the NBC show. But Osbourne was rather unkind about Boyle’s physical appearance in a guest shot last Tuesday (11/3) on the Opie & Anthony Show on Sirius XM satellite radio.

Osbourne repeatedly praised Boyle’s singing talent, but joked that she was a “lovely lady” who had been hit by the “ugly stick.” There were laughs all around as Osbourne and the radio hosts exchanged comments about Boyle’s looks. “You just want to say God bless – and here’s a Gillette razor,” Osbourne said of her personal encounter with Boyle.

The video posted on YouTube by the Opie & Anthony Show has sparked comments of outrage by Boyle fans.

“Coming from someone that married Ozzie. Hypocrite much Bot-ox Champion?” said a comment from xenosys2005. “Boyle’s no oil painting but there was no need for insult after insult? just to gain a few cheap thrills. Without the introduction of plastic surgery, I’d be willing to bet that Osborne’s face would look a bit like a cow chewing on a wasp,” was one of the more comprehensive and less vulgar postings.

There were also comments noting the less-than-leading-man looks of the radio hosts.

But some YouTube commenters defended Osbourne for speaking her mind.

Take a look and draw your own conclusions. *contains explicit language.