SWMX moves to new generation


SoftWave Media Exchange announced the launch of SWMX Radio 2.0, the second generation marketplace platform facilitating the purchase, sale and management of radio advertising time for marketers and media owners.

"SWMX Radio 2.0 represents a significant advancement in our efforts to deliver a turnkey application supporting virtually all aspects of an organization's media buying and sales initiatives, integrating all necessary data, providing creative delivery and archiving and enabling both marketers and media owners to execute their business with greater efficiency, profitability and ROI than ever before," said Stavros Aloizos, Chief technology officer of SWMX.

The most significant enhancement of SWMX Radio 2.0 is the marketplace will deliver integrated functionality enabling marketers and media owners to transact full-rate flighted campaigns through the interface. The new platform will also facilitate campaign changes, cancellations and makegoods. Flighting functionality is anticipated to be activated within the next month.