Synamedia Deal Furthers Its SaaS Strategy


A London-based independent video software provider has purchased a privately held provider of a cloud video delivery platform optimized for “just-in-time” processing of live video streaming.

With the acquisition of Quortex, U.K.-based Synamedia believes it has enhanced its cloud Video Network capabilities, complementing its VIVID Workflow as-a-Service (WaaS) with a set of products focused on OTT content processing, disaster recovery, long tail content processing for large service providers, and live events.

Using a patented pay-as-you-stream model, Quortex’s just-in-time technology frees up resources if no one is watching a channel.

“This methodology provides time to market and considerable cost advantages over existing cloud approaches, while ensuring that every deployed resource has a purpose,” the companies state.

Quortex uses multi-tenant SaaS technology that adapts to network, infrastructure and audiences; it automatically scales cloud resources up and down. The service is designed for all live streaming providers.

Quortex is a founding member of Greening of Streaming.

Julien Signes, EVP and General Manager of the Video Network at Synamedia, said, “By pioneering just-in-time video streaming processing and delivery, Quortex has broken new ground with live services that dynamically spring to life when processing a user request. This radical change in the economics of cloud processing will accelerate the migration of live video services to the cloud. We see enormous potential as we expand Quortex’s reach globally – for the fast-growing D2C live streaming market as well as our traditional service provider customer base who want to reduce infrastructure costs and meet their CO2 reduction commitments.”

Quortex was founded in Rennes, France, in 2018 by a team of video industry experts. Customers include beIN Group Media.

The company’s employees in France and the U.K. will be joining Synamedia.


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