Synamedia Go Offering Gets Boost From SaaS Content Discovery Platform Buy


London-based independent video software provider Synamedia has acquired a U.K.-based privately owned content discovery platform provider with products targeted at the entertainment industry.

Its offerings include metadata aggregation, search and recommendations, as well as content management and a content promotion engine.

Utelly’s platform, says Synamedia, “simplifies the complexity of users’ content discovery across TV channels, on demand and multiple streaming services.’

Its SaaS-based technology is already pre-integrated with the Synamedia Go video platform.

Now, it will be embedded in the Go.Aggregate add-on pack to solve one of the major challenges viewers face: finding content across TV and apps on any screen.

“Utelly’s technology achieves this through metadata aggregation, intelligent asset linking, AI and Machine Learning,” Synamedia says.

Utelly aggregates data in real-time from multiple metadata providers – pre-integrated with Gracenote, TiVo, IMDB, Netflix and 50 others. By unifying data and using AI to enrich sparse data sets, Utelly provides customers with search and recommendations. The result, says Synamedia, is an increase in customers’ Net Promoter Score (NPS), subscriber retention, and ARPU.

Synamedia CEO Paul Segre noted, “Every day we hear from customers that metadata aggregation is an obstacle that is negatively impacting viewer engagement. Utelly was ahead of the curve in recognizing this and developing a SaaS solution that enables end users to find content across aggregated TV and video services. Its AI-powered solution eliminates the complexity of combining data from multiple metadata providers and is a great addition to our Synamedia Go streaming platform.”

Romain Eude, Utelly founder and CEO, added, “This acquisition is testament to the hard work and ingenuity of our tight knit team of developers who have put Utelly on the map. We look forward to the next step in Utelly’s journey as we become part of the Synamedia family and embrace the new opportunities on a global scale.”