Syndicated Radio Asset Management appeals


The Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company launched a nationwide appeal for managerial talent, in a bid to revive the radio industry.  The company is looking to reverse the drastic effects of the recession by giving top notch unemployed managerial talent a second chance to get back into the game.

The business model is based on applying the same syndication principles to managerial talent as to syndicated programming – raising asset values while lowering operating costs. This enables them to supply top talent to radio businesses on a contract basis, for a fraction of market rates – in exchange for a negotiable percentage of unsold inventory and performance fees. 

Said Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company CEO Mark Masters: “We believe that syndicated management will revolutionize radio over the next 5 years just as syndicated programming has over the last 20. As we pull through the recession, syndicated management may be one of the few affordable solutions for many companies who share our belief that “superstar” managerial talent can make an exceptional difference to their fortunes.”

Geoff Rich, the pioneering syndicator of Dr. Laura and a Tony Award winning Broadway producer is one of the leading industry personalities who make up the company’s working group management board. Rich says, “The cruel irony of the meltdown in the radio industry is that some of the most gifted performers in the business are currently out of work – through no fault of their own – at a time when their brains and their energy are most sorely needed.”

The Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company is actively looking for proven high performance individuals in the areas of general management, marketing, sales, business development and programming, and guarantees confidentiality to clients and applicants alike. The company has also written to some 4,000 senior managers in radio companies across the U.S. asking them to refer high performance oriented former colleagues who are currently unemployed.

Adds Masters, “We’re asking folks who are lucky enough to still be working to give a helping hand to those who aren’t by referring deserving people they respect and admire. Because our company is ready to shoulder risk and cost that others can’t, we can build radio’s talent base back up again, while rewarding performance and entrepreneurship.”

All clients can are assured of the utmost discrection. For more info see or call 866-991-4022.