T-Mobile excites Ergen’s urge to merge


Dish NetworkBloomberg says Dish Network’s Charlie Ergen’s failure to acquire Sprint awhile back hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for a telcom acquisition. He’s said to be kicking the tires at T-Mobile.

According to Bloomberg, nothing came of Ergen’s inquiries about Sprint after nothing came of Sprint’s attempt to merge with T-Mobile.

Ergen is said to have approached Deutsche Telekom, but details of the discussions are being kept under wraps. It’s not even clear how serious Ergen may be. What is clear is that Dish has not yet brought in the type of financial advisors who generally play a role in such a deal.

Nothing solid is expected in any case until a November FCC auction of AWS-3 spectrum that Ergen said back in August will be a defining moment for his company.

Bloomberg says Ergen’s primary interest in purchasing a telco is to stream video content to various devices in competition with wired cable systems.