Tacher picks up North Carolina client


Handshake1An AM-FM translator combo operating on the close in outskirts of the Greensboro-Winston Salem market has signed up for national representation.

The broadcast company is Davidson County Broadcasting, and its stations are WLXN AM-FM. The FM is actually W260BG.

WLXN-AM is a Class B on 1440 kHz with 5 kW-D, 1 kW-N, DAN.

WLXN-FM looks to be W260BG a Class D translator with 250 W @ 844’.’ Both the area south of Winston-Salem and southwest of Greensboro.

DCB’s translator is a recent acquisition. It bought it for $50K from non-com religious operator Educational Media Foundation pursuant to a contract struck in November 2013.

GM Stacy Hilton Vanzant said, “Davidson County Broadcasting was looking to expand our revenue sources and adding a national rep company to our mix was the first innovation in doing so.  We look forward to the partnership with Tacher and to expanding our revenues through their efforts in 2015”