Taco Bell "Avatarsment"


Taco Bell "Avatarsment" to debut during 2007 MTV Video Music Awards – This year’s MTV Video Music Awards is all about firsts: first time to be held in Las Vegas, first time being produced by a noted musician, and Taco Bell’s first ever "avatarsment."

Taco Bell has chosen three fans to star as virtual actors in an ad for Fourthmeal – the late night meal between dinner and breakfast – set to debut worldwide during the 2007 MTV VMAs on 9/9. The winners were chosen as part of Taco Bell’s TV Me! contest, in partnership with Gizmoz and MTV. In less than two weeks, consumers created more than 17,000 Gizmoz clips, which were viewed more than 920,000 times.

Using Gizmoz.com’s photorealistic avatars, consumers were asked to audition for the search by ploading a digital photograph. In less than a minute, their 3D lifelike head and personalized body was automatically created. Consumers could also use a microphone to record their own voice for their 15-second, lip-synched audition. Auditions were judged on personality, originality, overall appeal and ability to express oneself.

The TV Me! Promotion, via Draftfcb in Orange County, marks Taco Bell’s first entry into leveraging consumer-generated media ads. Draftfcb created the final TV spot and added the winning avatars into the "World Stops for Fourthmeal" environment. The 15-second "World Stops for Fourthmeal" spot will run first, followed by the debut of the new spot that includes the three winners.