Taco Bell launches “Black Jack Taco”


The new 89-cent Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell is a new limited-time-only addition to the 79-89-99 Why Pay More! Value Menu. Taco Bell is supporting with a campaign that will extend through November 11. Emphasizing the sharp, contrasting new color of the black, crunchy taco shell, Taco Bell created :30 and :15 ads that focus on this bold color. From black boots and a black dress to a black sheep, the Black Jack Taco shares an edgy juxtaposition in these ads. The TV ad creative was handled by DraftFCB in Irvine, Calif.

The Black Jack Taco comes with a new, eye-catching black taco shell filled with seasoned beef and topped with zesty Pepper Jack sauce. The taco will be available at participating 5,600 Taco Bell restaurants across America through 12/27.