Taco Bell “Why Pay More Value Menu” effort using radio, TV


Taco Bell is serving up more bang for the buck with the launch of its new 79-89-99 “Why Pay More Value Menu.” The permanent value menu debuts nationwide at participating restaurants 5/19. An integrated national marketing campaign will launch and support, including multiple television spots, radio spots, PR, new packaging, online advertising and an interactive microsite. The amount of the budget was not disclosed.

Taco Bell spokesperson Rob Poetsch tells RBR/TVBR their television buy is national and includes both cable and network stations, such as FOX, MTV, ESPN and Comedy Central. 

Two television ads, which will both run nationally, include both :30 and :15 second spots, as well as a :30 Hispanic spot. Set to a catchy jingle, the first spot is entitled “Anthem” and features fast paced imagery of coins being collected from under couch cushions, in pockets, and cars. After the friends collect their change, they meet up in a Taco Bell drive thru and order a variety of products from the 79-89-99 Why Pay More Value Menu.

The second spot, entitled “Bunch of Beef,” highlights the new 89 cent Cheesy Double Beef Burrito in a fresh twist that echoes Internet drive thru rap videos. Two guys pull into a Taco Bell drive thru and approach the speaker box. Shot from the angle of the front passenger seat, the driver looks back at his friend in the backseat and says, “Yo, gimme the beat.” As the passenger starts beat boxing, the driver begins rapping his order, including an 89 cent Cheesy Double Beef Burrito from the 79-89-99 Why Pay More Value Menu. A :15 version of “Bunch of Beef” is also planned. Both spots were via Draftfcb in Irvine, CA.

The :30 Hispanic spot, called “Vendor,” features a customer in a Taco Bell asking what he can buy with the change in his hand. As the employee steps aside, a vendor boy—or Mexican lottery vendor—reviews the menu, calling out the items in his street vendor style. After the customer orders and eats his burrito, the vendor boy continues to explain the 79-89-99 Why Pay More Value Menu, to which the customer replies, “Here we go again.” The spot was via Dieste, Harmel & Partners.

Online, the 79-89-99 Why Pay More Value Menu will be supported with online banners and a MySpace homepage takeover that features bold colors and graphics from the menu itself.