Taking issue with a Rush story


Your story Wednesday morning about Rush wanting to steer clear of GM is incorrect. I was listening on Friday morning when Rush talked about this topic.

And he said that the media (I’m shocked that RBR falls into that category in this way) would spin his words to make it sound like he was calling people to stay away from purchasing GM or wanting them to fail.

Your headline and initial lines of the story are misleading and incorrect. I did noticed further down you actually report the correct story by saying he didn’t call for a boycott and quoted his comments on what people think.
However, your statement of fact, which it is not, that Rush wants GM to fail. Is wrong and misleading. I am quite disappointed in your lack of journalistic integrity.

His comments were ONLY in regards to how some people might feel about GM since the government is a 60% share owner of the company. I guess, I can add RBR to the list of news outlets that I can no longer trust…CNN, MSNBC and now RBR.

How sad…

Trey Morris

Editor’s Note: We respect Mr. Morris’ opinion, but we’ve read the transcript. It’s true that Mr. Limbaugh was giving voice to respondents to a poll expressing disapproval of the GM bailout through much of this program segment, but it also seems to us that Rush made it clear he was more or less in agreement, and that such a bailout is certainly not the way business should be conducted in the USA. And that is a matter of opinion. But we feel our interpretation of Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks were not off-target. Here’s the transcript – you decide.