Taking the multi out of multitasking


There probably are a lot of people who often engage in two or more activities at once, but a study from MediaWorks MRI finds that when it comes to media usage, we don’t do it as much as some may suspect, particularly in-home. Radio is the leader among media when it comes to being paired with use of another, and according to a report in Advertising Age is used. 28.3% of the time the radio is on in-home, the user is also engaged in something else (not necessarily another medium). The medium earning the greatest amount of full attention is newspaper, at 55%; followed by the internet (53.8%), magazines (53.6%) and television (49.4%). The average consumer combines media use with some other activity less than half the time. Use of media out of home is far less likely to be exclusive, since it is generally done in concert with work or social activities. MediaWorks suggest that knowing what activities are mixed with what media may go a long way to suggesting potential clients to pitch.

RBR/TVBR observation: Our most common multimedia experience is hitting the gym (otherwise known as the House of Pain), when we’re plugged into an MP3 device, and watching both broadcast and cable video content from an array of screens, all while keeping an eye on the heart rate monitor of whatever cardio enhancing device we happen to be on at the moment. In fact, maybe somebody can sell time on that LCD heart rate monitor display – but if you put a message there about the kind of goodies that will sentence us to a swift return to and prolonged stay on the same machine, we aren’t likely to be overly receptive.