“Tales from the Smoke House” launches globally


Franklin P Smith, the short story writer, with AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters), have come to together to present a unique radio program called – Tales from the Smoke House. This radio program will be introduced to the members of the AMARC worldwide during the week of the 9/27. AMARC members will have the opportunity to broadcast this program every week.

Franklin P. Smith has produced an hour long program which will include his one of a kind narrative stories and a visiting guest, who will usually be a musician or a very unique person, which he thinks will be interesting the audience.

Each of the stories will be unique, different and hopefully impact your listeners.  There will children stories – How the Molly the cow really jump over the moon, for the young adult – to learn about life –  in dealing with consequences of one act to the knowing the principles to live a life where to how another struggles to the love stories that will touch your heart and last forever in a persons’ mind.  Yet, his primary goal is to engage the reader – to entertain and somehow the reader’s mind to ‘think’ and place themselves into the story either themselves or knowing of a similar event or person in the story. 

To sample some of the stories, see www.franklinpsmithstoryteller.com

Both AMARC and Franklin P. Smith look forward to a long lasting relationship in feeding the program, he has developed for the people of the world.