Talk Radio Network launches "Everything That Matters"


It’s a new syndicated weekend show, airing Sundays 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET.  Common sense host Dianne Linderman talks about Everything That Matters…in life, entrepreneurship, parenting and healthy cooking.  Subjects from parenting to politics, to practical advice, and how to simplify your life with country gourmet meals and much more are dished. 

The show is already cleared on over 35 affiliates, including WRMN, Chicago; WSPC, Charlotte and WAIM, Greenville-Spartanburg, SC.  TRN has a streaming link for interested affiliates.

The fast-paced, magazine-style format, includes a 20-minute healthy recipe segment, and parenting advice utilizing entrepreneurship techniques with guidance that hits home with parents.  Her ability to take personal experiences and use them to improve daily life is the cornerstone to her success and to the listener-host connection.

A talker for more than seven years, Linderman’s background includes being an author, real estate investor, motivational speaker, parenting expert, 25 years as counselor to troubled teenagers, and serial entrepreneur – owning a dozen businesses from a nationally-renowned traveling petting zoo to a country gourmet restaurant; building both a multimillion dollar company and a private school, starting a publishing company, and she has also been a consultant and speaker for major corporations.

Says Linderman: “Along the way I’ve had a few business failures and then worked my way back up to success.” She continues by saying, “My best lessons have been learned from my failures; nothing ventured, nothing gained. There are many people just like myself who have ideas and dreams and who are fearless in the pursuit of their visions.”

Linderman is also launching “Everything That Matters Pacific Northwest Living,” a new print magazine.