Talk Stream Live names TRN shows to


Eight of the Talk Radio Network’s talk show hosts were included in Talk Stream Live’s “TSL Power 50” which lists the top 50 talk show hosts on the internet.  Talk Stream Live, bills itself as “the only dynamic directory of Internet and mobile talk radio.”  TRN’s talk show hosts listed in the “Power 50” – in rank order – include: #2 Laura Ingraham, #5 Michael Savage, #12 Dr. Laura, #13 Monica Crowley, #14 Jerry Doyle, #19 Rusty Humphries, #29 Mancow, and #36  Phil Hendrie.

Said Mark Masters, TRN CEO: “TRN’s hosts have shown the ability to reach out beyond the airwaves to new listeners and have proven once again that content is king.  We’ve developed a next generation talk radio programming whose audience is hungry for this unique and innovative blend of content.”

Talk Stream Live’s “TSL Power 50” list, survey period included the first six months of 2010, and ran from January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010.  The list was compiled from’s server data on talk shows “streaming live through our website, gadgets, widgets and iPhone apps.” Talk Stream Live’s head honcho Bill Frees reports that the list was produced from a sample size of 500,000-plus “unique listening sessions” and includes, “established stars and emerging talents.”

View the complete list here .