Talkers diverge from the new


We’ve noted time after time how media talkers tend to take their cues from the news and amplify the top stories, as reported by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. However, during the week of 11/4-9/07 they broke the pattern. The journos focused on the troublesome situation in Pakistan, giving it 17% of the newshole, but talkers gave the story a mere 6%. Talkers decided to go with the 2008 campaign, giving it 28% of their attention, almost double the newsers’ 15% allotment. Besides Pakistan, however, there was another story that highlighted a difference of opinion as to what needed discussing. Dennis Kucinich’s attempt to impeach VP Dick Cheney and the Republican’s reaction failed to make the news coverage top ten list, but talkers made it #3 with 8%. No other stories exceeded 5%, in a week where the #3 news story only pulled a 3% share.