Talkmeisters set to invade Capitol Hill


43 radio Talkers are set to emigrate to Washington DC next week in order to make their views known in immigration. The event, known as “Hold Their Feet to the Fire,” will convene on “Radio Row” on Capitol Hill 9/10/08-9/11/08. The number of live broadcast participants is up from 35 who took part in the last exhibition during Spring 2007. Organizers credit Roger Hedgecock of KOGO-AM in San Diego and Lou Dobbs of United Stations Radio Network and CNN with headliner status. "Powerful special interests are now in full force pushing for amnesty and foreign guest workers with no regard to the plight of the American worker, wages, or a deteriorating economy," said Dan Stein, President of the FCTF. "The politicians aren’t talking about it. Radio talk hosts representing millions of listeners will, and heir collective voice is a voice that roars."