Tanqueray launches “Resist Simple” campaign


The new campaign launched 7/1 in the US, just in time for the July 4th holiday weekend, with broadcast and out-of-home ads and in other countries around the world in September.

“Resist Simple is about people who detour from the status quo, the predictable, the ordinary, going out of their way to experience a more animated, interesting life,” explains Kate Price, brand director, Tanqueray USA. “This includes a refined approach to what to drink. Tanqueray, with its sophisticated, un-simple taste, is for people with a taste for life.”

Multiple television and out of home ads support:
* “Paris,” one of three broadcast spots features the natural botanicals in Tanqueray, bottle-shaped silhouette layers and beautiful scenes of people enjoying the City to express the richness and depth of Tanqueray gin and the lifestyle of those who enjoy it. Part of the voiceover refers to a man “…who can visit Paris repeatedly and never once manage to see the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, nor the Arc de Triomphe.”

* In “Backstage,” the virtues of the signature Tanqueray & Tonic cocktail are highlighted with a voiceover that refers to the drink as “…what the guy who often talks his way backstage is having.”

* In the two out of home ads, one focuses on a lifestyle theme reading, “Keep Your Tongue Guessing,” while the other takes a twist on the traditional Tanqueray & Tonic, “T&T: A Many Splendored Thing And Tonic.”

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam led the creative.