Target audience of one


Conservatives for Patients’ Rights is following President Barack Obama up to Martha’s Vineyard MA and hopes to catch him in front of the tube so he’ll see the advertising message on health care that they’ve purchased. It repeats a practice that often brought advertising dollars into Waco TX when President George W. Bush was vacationing in Crawford TX.

The thrust of the message is not so much to get Obama to abandon health care reform. It just wants him off of the public option part of it. CPR plans to spend $160K on the buy. According to the Washington Post, that is a drop in the bucket compared to the $60M spent on the health care air wars so far this year.

The problem with such a buy is making sure the narrow intended target actually sees it. In this case, CPR has a hook that they think may work out for them – the Boston Red Sox are playing Obama’s favorite team – the Chicago White Sox, during his stay in the area (Martha’s Vineyard is in the sprawling Boston DMA). CPR believes there is at least a decent chance that Obama will flip on the tube to catch the latest meeting between the Pale and the Crimson Hose.

Of course, CPR will be happy with any impression it makes, regardless of whether Obama personally sees the ad or not. But clearly, it wants Obama to see the ad, or it wouldn’t limit the buy.

RBR/TVBR observation: We’re not sure we’d recommend a mass media buy of any kind when there is only one impression that you are trying to make – isn’t it sort of like using a bazooka to swat a fly? But then again, we are firm believers in the statement that the customer is always right.