TargetSpot responds to Triton-Ando merger


As Triton Media just announced that it acquired Ando Media, Eyal Goldwerger, CEO of TargetSpot, the nation’s largest Internet radio ad network, had this to say about the acquisition/merger:

“The Internet radio industry is growing rapidly, and deals like this are signs of an industry that is on the move. As companies seek to round out their service offerings we will see more acquisitions and partnerships like this one. Ando has been an independent provider of audience measurement and
it will be important to broadcasters and advertisers to understand whether Ando will maintain its neutrality or choose to become an industry participant. We wish them the best of success in whichever path they choose.”

“One of the factors driving the demand in the Internet radio industry is the convergence of technology with radio ad sales. TargetSpot has been on the forefront of this, and capabilities such as geographic targeting are instrumental in creating situations where both advertisers and radio stations win. When this happens advertisers can target their audience to get the greatest return on their investment while radio stations maximize the use of their inventory.”