TargetSpot unveils internet radio ad research


The largest digital audio ad network released the industry’s first in-depth Internet radio advertising research, “Digital Audio Usage Trends: A Highly Engaged Listenership” and “Internet Radio Advertising Impact.” Conducted by Parks Associates, the reports unveil the behavioral trends of an emerging “Super Demographic,” and highlight the value of digital audio advertising both as a direct and a complementary marketing channel.

Internet Radio, which includes online-only radio stations and broadcast radio station streams, is one of the fastest-growing online media categories, according to eMarketer. With the proliferation of new Internet-enabled devices, digital audio usage is gaining tremendous momentum, already connecting more than 89 million consumers per month to online audio content in the US alone.

Indeed, the studies noted the latest breakouts on digital audio listening. The listening audience for Digital Audio avidly consumes content via multiple devices:
96% listen to Internet Radio on a desktop/laptop computer
15% listen on a tablet device
45% listen on a mobile/smartphone

• Time spent listening to Digital Audio is significant across all delivery devices:
25% of those who listen on a tablet device tune in 4+ hours daily
23% of those who listen on a desktop/laptop computer tune in 4+ hours daily
16% of those who listen on a mobile/smartphone tune in 4+ hours daily

• Digital Audio growth has little effect on Broadcast Radio listening time

• 80% of Digital Audio users listen to both Internet Radio and Broadcast Radio for 1-3 hours daily

• 73% of Digital Audio listeners change stations multiple times a day, which mirrors listening patterns reported over the years for broadcast radio

“Marketers can no longer afford to ignore the rapid growth of digital audio,” said Andy Lipset, Chief Revenue Officer of TargetSpot and co-chair of the IAB Digital Audio Advertising Committee. “These new research reports reveal the existence of a ‘Super Demographic’ that advertisers can reach and engage directly through Internet Radio – making this medium a critical element of a brand’s overall marketing mix.”

Tuned-in, highly engaged and influential, this Super Demographic audience demonstrates significantly higher brand recall and ad response.

TargetSpot identified three main characteristics of the internet radio audience:
1. “Tuned-In” — Digital audio consumers are deeply committed to their content. They listen to Internet Radio up to three hours a day, also listen to Broadcast Radio up to three hours a day and in addition connect to the Internet for more than four hours a day.

2. “Highly Engaged”– These consumers consistently listen from their home or work computers, smartphones and tablets. They change stations multiple times per day, refer to their online media players to check the names of songs and artists, and spend substantial amounts of time selecting, personalizing and interacting with a wide variety of digital audio content.

3. “Influencers”– These consumers are actively involved in social networks, frequently recommend products and services to friends, and are often asked for advice on what to buy, where to eat and where to travel.

Download both studies in full at the right side of this page.

TargetSpot also found a 3.5X higher ad response rate when adding Internet Radio to a broadcast radio campaign, and a 2X higher ad response rate when adding Internet Radio to an online campaign. These ad responses include both online and offline actions including: purchasing a product online or at a retail location, searching online for product information, becoming a “fan” on Facebook, or calling the company.

“These studies confirm that radio and its digital platforms influence behavior and drive traffic. The impact of these advertising synergies will add impetus to Radio’s revenue growth in 2011 and beyond,” said Jeff Haley, RAB CEO. “Radio, across all platforms, is a powerful advertising channel that advertisers need to include in their marketing plans.”