Tavis Smiley teams with Cornell West for new noncom radio show


Public Radio International will be distributing a new weekly hour-long radio program featuring veteran broadcaster Tavis Smiley with well-known Princeton professor Cornell West featuring news commentary, listener interaction and a special guest.

“Dr. West is a long-time friend and I am honored that he has agreed to go on this journey with me,” says Smiley.  “This new venture, Smiley & West, will not only set the pace for tomorrow’s news but will be a conduit for the insightful conversation that America is thirsting for.  I’m excited that alongside one of America’s greatest thinkers, we will encourage, enlighten and empower the listeners together.”

“Many of America’s most important discussions aren’t necessarily happening in the boardroom or between the pundits on cable television,” West said. “Rather they’re happening at BBQs, cocktail parties, barbershops, and salons between real people. With this new endeavor, Smiley & West, Tavis and I hope to really tap into the concerns of everyday people.”

Guests will be drawn from various walks of life, including “celebrities, politicians, intellectuals and other newsmakers.” Already on tap are New York Times columnist Frank Rich and comedian Gary Shandling.