TaxiTV switching from ABC to NBC


VeriFone Systems has cut a new deal with NBCUniversal to supply programming to the taxis in nine markets which use its credit card payment system and are thus equipped with its TaxiTV. But while VeriFone ends its previous deal with Disney’s ABC, the Alphabet network recently announced a new deal with a competing service, Creative Mobile Technologies.

Effective January 1st VeriFone says it will deliver NBCU programming in more than 12,000 taxi cabs. The agreement also includes thousands of gas stations and other digital out-of-home platforms in the future.

“NBCUniversal is the perfect strategic fit for us as we extend our payment-enabled media platform beyond TaxiTV into other verticals, including our existing client base of over 60,000 gas stations and more than one million retail installations,” said Bud Waller, Vice Chairman of VeriFone. “We have worked with the NBC-owned stations for the last two years and believe their superior sales performance and innovative programming of new consumer experiences will benefit advertisers and consumers.”

“With VeriFone, we have chosen to partner with the industry leader to deliver best-in-class content and our strong sales capabilities to one of the nation’s largest collection of taxis and gas stations,” said Greg Scholl, President of Local Integrated Media for NBC Owned Television Stations. “We are excited about future growth prospects as VeriFone continues to innovate its products and push into new digital out-of-home sectors.”

At launch next month, the collaboration will cover taxis in nine markets, including New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Miami, and some gas stations, with additional expansion planned.

RBR-TVBR observation: In today’s world you have to go where the viewers/listeners are. And with so many ways to deliver content, they are pretty much everywhere.