TaxMasters scheduling new television spots for Fall


TaxMasters, a IRS tax relief company and a leading provider of tax representation services, recently completed shooting a new TV ad that will begin airing this fall. Featuring the founder and CEO, Patrick Cox, the typically 30-second spots deliver a clear message to taxpayers who are experiencing difficulties with the IRS. The ads have varied slightly over the years, but stick to the same core messaging delivered by the easily recognizable tax expert with a beard, Patrick Cox.

The campaign will premier on major cable networks this fall. While the graphics and colors will change, the messaging will remain largely consistent with Cox’s original ads. MaXXimedia and TaxMasters are also exploring new ad concepts to debut in 2011.

“Since 2004, we’ve found that TV is a very effective channel for reaching our audience. Many taxpayers who find themselves in the IRS’ spotlight simply don’t know companies like TaxMasters exist until they see our ads,” said Alex Clamon, VP of Sales and Marketing with TaxMasters. “We’ll continue to reach out to them to provide a complete suite of tax relief, compliance and audit practices designed to help individuals and small businesses.”