Tea Party organizing for Comcast investor event


Comcast and NBCUComcast is getting set to meet with its investors in Philadelphia – and members of the Tea Party, both with and without shares in the company – have some thoughts about NBC news in general and MSNBC in particular that they’d like to share with corporate leaders.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Tea Party activists have invited some 60K supporters in the Philadelphia area and another 4M nationwide to make their presence known to Comcast in its Philadelphia home town.
According to HR, Tom and Deneen Borelli are among the key organizers, and they are said to be of the habit of attending investor meetings and taking advantage of the opportunity to ask pointed questions of management.

The organizers say this is just the beginning, and that Comcast’s Brian Roberts can expect to hear from them anytime he ventures out to make a business presentation.

RBR-TVBR observation: News Corporation could probably offer some advice, and the advice would be “get used to it.” News Corp.’s Fox News Network is a frequent target of the left side of the political spectrum, but we’re certain that the sting of the left’s criticism is ameliorated a great deal by the piles of cash the network brings in.

MSNBC has done well in its own right. It hasn’t caught Fox News, but last we head it left CNN in the rear view mirror some time ago. Comcast will likely follow News Corporation’s example and soothe itself through the act of banking MSNBC profits.