Tears and Betrayal on Bachelor Pad 3


The highlight of this past week’s episode is that I finally figured out who in Bachelor Pad 3 reminds me of Miss Piggy.  Any guesses? Before I reveal this, I must ask – is Ed REALLY hooking up with Jaclyn or is this as fake a set-up as making us believe that Jamie has a shred of romantic interest in Super Fan Prom Dave?  I like how they kept panning to the kiss photo of Jamie and Dave in between showing shots of them slow dancing and Jamie avoiding direct eye contact at all costs.  We all saw him plant one on her when she least expected it.  The question is whether Jamie’s tears were real because if not and this fake prom stirred up negative feelings of her mother starting to go away on weekends, we’re going to have to recruit a bachelor pad therapist, and quickly.

The couples are really starting to heat up, but other than Michael Stagliano and Rachel, I kind of don’t care.  In fact, I know that I don’t care about the Bachelor Pad couples because my eyes actually closed for a few seconds during this episode and that has NEVER happened before.  I was much more interested in watching the Women’s Gymnastics event finals on bars to see if the Flying Squirrel would secure gold after McKayla Moroney’s disappointing performance on Vault.  Thankfully, NBC did not shown gymnastics events until well after 10 PM (usually annoying, but because BP3 was on, it was ok).

I’m sad to see Reid scheming and lying to all around him.  Yes, Ed is the town fool and yes, I like that Reid’s after revenge due to the Jillian Harris season outcome, but I thought Reid could rise above this nonsense.  Clearly, I was wrong.  By the way, I think if you told Sarah that zombies truly existed in the world, there is a 99.9% chance she’d buy it.  What’s wrong with this girl?  She’s so easily influenced and seems to need to ask permission to have a thought.

The wax museum date was a cute idea, but yet another opportunity for Michael Stag’s ego to grow for the following reasons: (1) He got to hear, in person, how many female fans adore him (2) Rachel admitted to feeling insecure about his feelings for her (3) He got the rose which gives him yet another week to stay on top of the competition and form his little web.

Kalon and Chris are just plain evil.  Did you catch Kalon’s comment about Erica Rose having a really good chance to win the sundae event because she would just eat her way through the obstacle course like Pac-Man?  Mean.  It’s hard to tell whether Chris is a complete jerk towards Blakeley and Jamie or if it’s these two ladies that are completely nuts, forcing him to drive them away.  Blakeley is so intense, it’s hard to root for her.  I had to laugh when she tried to threaten Super Fan Dave into giving her the date rose.  As if he was thinking with the head on his shoulders.  Jamie was not that much wiser.  Did she really think that badgering Chris, who was tucked into his blankets, would be an effective way of winning his affection?  Her repeated statements about how much he likes her just makes her seem like a lunatic.  But the sad part is watching her sob over wanting a family to hang out with during holidays.

Some other observations:

  • Kalon and Lindsey seem to spend a lot of time under covers together.  Lindzi didn’t have 2 words to say this episode.  I’m starting to think that her girl-next-door, dirt for make-up style that made her somewhat endearing on Ben Flajnik’s season has completely been eliminated.  She’s going to have to do some serious triage to restore her likability after this season, particularly if she ends up with Kalon.
  • Ed likes to make very loud jungle sounds when seducing a woman into his bed area, but we have no idea of knowing if stuff is really happening or if he’s just trying to make a camera worthy moment.
  • I’m happy Donna got to make out with at least 2 Bach dudes (Michael S and Nick) before she left.
  • I kind of missed the twins this week.  There, I said it.  That’s how bad this show is getting…
  • Chris could not be more condescending towards Blakeley.  At one point he tells her “not do anything stupid.”  Could he be any ruder?  Someone needs to line up Kalon and Chris and just repeatedly smack them in the face any time they speak.

That’s all for another mindless week on Bachelor Pad 3.  Here’s hoping that the next episode can hold my attention for at least the first half of the show.