Ted Turner aims once-buried hatchet at Rupert Murdoch


For a long time, Ted Turner’s CNN had the market on 24-hour cable news all to itself. That changed when Rupert Murdoch came along with Fox News Channel. After years of bad blood, Turner noted that they had put their differences aside, but now Turner is saying the UK hacking scandal will result in Murdoch’s retirement.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Turner said that Murdoch has never had to overcome a scandal as serious as this one, and stated that the media mogul would almost certainly have to step down as a result.

He said that ignorance of the crime was no excuse, and said that as the chair at CNN he took responsibility for his company and made a point to know what was going.

After years of feuding, the two called off hostilities in 2010 – according to Bloomberg, at the time Turner noted that they had “buried the hatchet, and not in each others’ heads.”

That said, Turner did agree that Murdoch enjoys the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty of any crime.