Telemundo, iVillage launch "iVillage Mujer de Hoy"


NBCUniversal’s Telemundo and iVillage have joined forces to form a multi-platform destination, “iVillage Mujer de Hoy,” designed to reach the 16 million Latinas in today’s Hispanic digital marketplace. This new bilingual offering will live online at both properties and will be highlighted on Telemundo’s morning show, “Levantate.”

“As an authority in the women’s digital space, iVillage was one of the first to recognize and fulfill a marketplace need,” said Jodi Kahn, President of iVillage. “Today, research shows that 90% of Hispanic Women search the web for content with a Latina perspective, yet only one in five believes all their needs are met online. Now, together with the expertise of Telemundo, we are seizing an incredible opportunity to cater to another largely undeserved and sizable audience.”

Beginning in May,’s currently all-Spanish “Mujer de Hoy” channel will be rebranded as “iVillage Mujer de Hoy,” and – for the first time – be populated in both Spanish and English with content in the key passion-point areas for Hispanic women: food, family, and fashion. 

Additionally, “iVillage Mujer de Hoy’s” editor, Jessica Serrano, will make regular guest appearances on Telemundo’s “Levantate” to report on some of the top stories geared to a Latina audience. Post-show, Serrano will continue the conversation with “Levantate’s” viewers, as well as with the millions of women on and iVillage, and via social media channels.  Further addressing the needs of the 87% of Hispanic women who state that community is essential, iVillage will provide community functionality in a “Mujer de Hoy” section, and social feeds from both properties’ Facebook and Twitter pages will be integrated into “iVillage Mujer de Hoy” and iVillage. 

“iVillageMujer de Hoy” will also build on iVillage’s Babynamer tool, as well as some of its key franchises, including iVillage’s “Hot Dads” contest, “Red Carpet Fever,” and “Community Challenges.”

Content from and expert advice from its talent will weave back into iVillage’s array of sections such as Parenting, Entertainment, Beauty & Style, and Food. Telemundo’s female talent will also participate in CelebVillage, iVillage’s new celebrity blogger program, as well as in iVillage’s video series, such as “iVillage 5.”