Telemundo unveils 2009-2010 programming


Telemundo Communications Group unveiled its 2009-2010 original programming season at a press conference held at The Modern in NYC yesterday. The new programming announcement was made by Don Browne, President, Telemundo; Jacqueline Hernández, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo; Mike Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Network Sales and Marketing and Adriana Ibañez, Senior Vice President of Programming.

The Telemundo Group also presented its updated branding strategies for Telemundo and mun2.

In keeping with Telemundo’s original mission to enrich the lives of Hispanics in the U.S. and audiences worldwide through content that will inform, empower, inspire and entertain, the network will adopt a renewed brand vision; “To ignite the power of dreams.” Telemundo’s brand attributes are embodied in the concepts of being Provocative, Smart and Traditional, all creating a fresh, dynamic and appealing personality for the network.

The updated branding approach for mun2 is captured in the network’s renewed brand vision; “To feel uniquely American.” This brand vision provides a richer and smarter perspective on the U.S. Latino experience. Its brand attributes form the basis for the network’s voice; Game Changing, Connected and Smart. For mun2 viewers, it is about reflecting both worlds—their Latino heritage and their American experience. As the premier network for bicultural young Latinos, mun2 has adopted “you’re on” as its new tagline. It is a statement about the mun2 audience; it is empowering, aspirational and exciting. has seen double-digit growth among video streams and total usage minutes. Telemundo’s position as a premier content creator provides it with the unique capability to offer triple play (TV, online and mobile) to its audience and advertisers. This offering extends and amplifies our original TV storylines on all three devices in partnership with our sponsors from concept to broadcast in any language on any screen and reach millions of US Hispanics. With, the network has the ability to merge together organic and seamless custom solutions with enormous reach of the MSN Network.


Monday-Friday PRIMETIME


Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres
Alexandra García, a beautiful 17-year-old immigrant girl and her mother are forced to move from the U.S. to Mexico City to live with a wealthy aunt, Verónica. Suddenly, Alexandra and her mother are submerged into a world of intrigue and betrayal where money is not an obstacle and people are not who they seem to be. High school drama soon ensues as Esteban and David fight to win Alexandra’s heart.

Perro Amor
This is the story of two cousins and lovers: Antonio and Camila, who have grown together, playing with each other’s life and love. They find passion and love, two feelings that can provide them with lots of adventures and bets, never to be taken seriously. However, Camila goes too far when she challenges Antonio to sleep with Sofía, a beautiful, young woman, who immediately falls in love with him. Disregarding any respect for her feelings, Antonio then decides that he must also marry her and control her but never admitting to Camila his true feelings for Sofía.

Rosalinda y Primitivo
This novela tells the story of two half brothers born under wildly different circumstances. Lucas is the handsome and kind brother and Primitivo is the bastard child, marred by physical scars at birth. Both brothers fall in love with the same woman, Rosalinda. Rosalinda is a singer in a small band that travels from county fair to fair, town to town. She has faith that, like the late Selena, she can rise to fame. As the story unfolds Lucas and Rosalinda start falling in love. However, Rosalinda sees beyond Primitivo’s revolting appearance and slowly opens her heart to him.

Reina del Sur (Queen of the South)
The story of Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South) begins begins twelve years ago in Mexico when Teresa Mendoza’s boyfriend, a pilot employed by drug lords, is murdered. After the apparent death of her fiancé, Teresa moves to Spain where she meets Patty O’Farell. Together they build an empire in the male-dominated world of drug trafficking, conducting deals with the mafias from Spain, France, Italy and Russia.

The plot begins with three men born on the same day and each of them named Victorino. The first, was born into a rich upper-class family and often shuns those who are less fortunate. The second, born into a middle-class family cannot appreciate the good in his life. The third, poor and the least fortunate, is a dreamer who is thankful for the little things in life but aspires to be rich and powerful. On the day of their birth, a prominent fortune-teller predicted their fate – the day the three Victorinos meet, one of them will die. When will this happen and which Victorino will succumb to the curse?

El Clon (The Clone)
Jade, a beautiful woman born to Moroccan parents is forced to move to Morocco after the death of her mother; changing her lifestyle and customs completely in order to survive in this new world. Unfortunately, she soon falls in love with Lucas, a man that is off limits. Knowing that their love will never be accepted they plan to run away. However, Lucas is suddenly killed in an accident. Thanks to advances in science, Lucas is cloned by a scientist and twenty years later, Leo – el clon – meets Jade, who is already a wife and mother. Jade is deeply conflicted by the appearance of Leo, who is the exact living image of her only true love.

Debuting first quarter of 2010, on mun2, the leading network for young Latinos is “The mun2 Look,” a multi-platform fashion experience shot on location in New York City, but born from the lives of the mun2 audience. Hosted by actress Paula Garces and featuring renowned stylist Jorge Ramon, “The mun2 Look” is the next step in the network’s constant conversation with its audience. Understanding that the young contemporary U.S. Latino experience is about standing out and embracing a personal style, mun2’s fashion forward project will highlight style with street credibility, and glam from the viewer’s perspective, reflecting the cultural blend that is unique to the U.S. Latino lifestyle. Paula and Jorge will sample the latest trends in fashion, technology, entertainment and lifestyle. “The Mun2 Look” will offer viewers an insider’s look at fashion trends through a distinctly Latino vantage point as well as an interactive platform on where they can participate in makeovers and give their insight on fashion DIY’s.

Making its premiere second quarter 2010 is the half hour reality series, “Los Twiins.” As the first network to serve regional Mexican music seven days a week for a young, engaged and growing audience, mun2 brings the story of two brothers at the center of the fast-growing world of Mexican regional music. “Los Twiins” follows Mexican-born, LA raised twin brothers, Adolfo and Omar Valenzuela, a sought-after producing team putting out hits and discovering new talent in the regional Mexican music scene. The series captures the adventures, lifestyle, characters and relationships surrounding this talented team who have produced artists such as Paulina Rubio, Calle 13, and DJ Flex for the regional audience.