Multiscreen Video Monitoring and Analytics Get A Boost


For media companies interested in an improved multiscreen video monitoring and analytics tool for their stations, a look at what Telestream introduced at the recent 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas may be of paramount interest.

The media streaming company based in Northern California recently completed “a strategic upgrade” and enhancements to its ABR monitoring solution, bringing “significant benefits” to content owners, broadcasters and online video service providers offering content across the broadest range of devices.

New versions of Telestream’s Inspector LIVE and Surveyor ABR Active systems now allow for their deployment as a software appliance bundle. They are packaged for use in private and public virtual environments, which includes the cloud. A new open API can be used for configuration, control and data extraction.

“If you are a content owner, broadcaster or service provider, you live and die by your ability to provide the best quality experience wherever and whenever your viewers demand,” says Joel Daly, VP Product Management for Telestream Video Quality Monitoring and Analytics Business Unit. “In today’s highly competitive environment, where consumers have many video service providers to choose from, monitoring is not an option. It is absolutely essential. These enhancements further strengthen our unique ingest to viewer correlated video service monitoring solution with all software, virtualized, automated & orchestrated product offerings. The results are that providers have more visibility, intelligence, flexibility, control and agility yielding the highest return on investment.”