What’s On Tap For Telestream At The NAB Show



At NAB 2019, on booth SL3308, workflow automation provider Telestream, also known for its processing and quality monitoring and management solutions for the production and distribution of video, will demonstrate new products and workflows that it says address key issues for content creators, owners and distributors across the entire media life cycle from creation to distribution.

These issues include growing revenue, achieving best-in-class cost structure, and reducing customer churn.

The new products, it says, will enable faster time to market for service providers and content creators with “instant” channel creation and integrated video monitoring throughout the solution to create smart infrastructures with dynamic scale.

Video monitoring technology from Telestream iQ solutions as well as streaming technology from Lightspeed Live Stream “are leveraged to create a unique, containerized, OTT video workflow orchestration and monitoring solution.”

Telestream CMO Chris Osika says, “Telestream has long realized that the Cloud is not some magic elixir cure-all for the challenges facing the media and entertainment industry. We know that the practical deployment of cloud resources has to be well considered and often in harmony with existing on-premises services. This is what many customers ask for, and precisely what we will enable this year.”

In addition to new products, Telestream will also be showcasing the latest versions of its flagship products and solutions:

  • Vantage

A scalable, software-enabled media processing platform that manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Advances include cloud and hybrid workflows, new camera ingest functionality, and Traffic Manager options with improved Grass Valley ITX integration. New Vantage features also include support for growing file support when uploading into IBM Aspera.

  • iQ ABR monitoring solution

Telestream’s iQ solutions manage and measure video quality from the source, at the video player and at key points in between. The latest version features a new UI and workflow that makes it easy to read video distribution status for rapid issue detection and quickly drill down into the details to isolate and fix a problem. It Includes real-time status visualizations, drill down navigation to troubleshooting across multiple dimensions, custom access roles and user profiles, viewership impact analysis with integrated end client analytics and the ability to monitor captioning and subtitle presence, performance, and video alignment. The solution is available for appliance, virtual and cloud-based deployments.

  • Wirecast

The latest version of Wirecast adds support for restreaming and live captioning workflows with the introduction of Wirecast Live Captions and Wirecast Restream, two new web services hosted on Telestream Cloud. These capabilities solve two of the most common issues facing live streamers today: the creation of captions for live events and the need for efficient multi-platform distribution, even when upload bandwidth is limited.

  • Lightspeed Live Capture

New for Lightspeed Live Capture is support for [email protected] – remote production leveraging unmanaged, high speed internet. Lightspeed Live Capture, being built on the Vantage media framework, is the ideal enabler for this use case. For DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion), the latest version of the system adds the ability to use a rules file that instructs the system how to react to SCTE-104 triggers. Lightspeed Live Capture also has new triggers for manual start/stop for automated recording workflows and record-on-activation for recording interruptions (i.e. a power outage).

  • Lightspeed Live Stream
    Program and stream conditioning technology allows Lightspeed Live Stream to switch between live and scheduled sources and to prepare live content for frame-accurate ad insertion and content replacement, thus avoiding the need for downstream re-encoding. Now shipping with V-Nova’s PERSEUS Plus compression, support for SRT delivery, as well as synchronous dual redundant contribution to Unified Streaming’s Unified Origin.
  • Captioning and Subtitling
    The latest version of CaptionMaker now supports over 100 languages with auto-transcription and fully automated captioning and subtitling workflows. For high-volume, enterprise workflows, users can batch submit media using the Vantage Cloud Speech connector saving time and processing media faster.