Introducing The Latest Version of CaptionMaker


A provider of workflow automation, processing and quality monitoring and management products for the production and distribution of video known for its CaptionMaker closed captioning and subtitling software is rolling out the latest version of the tool.

The Telestream product has support for more than 100 languages. As such, video media in languages such as Russian, Japanese, German, and other Asian, African, and European languages can automatically be transcribed by accessing the Timed Text Speech service directly from within CaptionMaker. The results can then be edited, formatted, and exported as industry standard caption and subtitle files.

“The new extensive language support and auto-transcription available through CaptionMaker 8 offers a unique captioning and subtitling workflow for international language video post-production,” said Telestream Product Manager for captioning and subtitling Giovanni Galvez. “Users can access Telestream Cloud’s Timed Text Speech auto-transcription capabilities  from within CaptionMaker whenever required with an affordable Cloud subscription.”

For high-volume, enterprise workflows, users can batch submit media using the Vantage Cloud Speech connector saving time and processing media faster. The Vantage Cloud Speech Action can return a plain text document or a subtitle SRT file. The result can be converted to an SCC or various other subtitle formats using Vantage Timed Text Flip. Subtitle files can be further edited in CaptionMaker or used by a transcoder such as IPTV Flip.

CaptionMaker now includes an Audio Waveform Timeline that displays a graphical representation of all spoken dialogue. This feature helps editors when making critical adjustments to any professional subtitle or caption project.