Telestream Inspect 2110 Is Now Available


Media workflow orchestration firm Telestream, also known for its media streaming and delivery technologies tools, has started taking orders for its Inspect 2110 Quality Assurance (QA) probe.

Designed to integrate alongside Telestream’s PRISM waveform monitor, Inspect 2110 monitors ST 2110 video streams including PTP synchronization at broadcast production facilities and contribution streams to TV service providers.

Inspect 2110 enables automated monitoring of ST 2110 video networking, providing
operations teams with visibility and alert by exception of their entire video networks. It
provides high performance software-based monitoring up to 100Gbps of ST 2110 video,
audio, and data across dual 100GE interfaces. SDP file comparison confirm that video
streams are working as expected at the same time as providing automated confirmation and comparison of redundant streams.

Broadcasters, production and contribution engineering and operations teams use PRISM for
deep analysis of ST 2110 content. The PRISM SDI/IP waveform monitor is the market
leading deployment of ST 2110 and PTP deep analysis, trusted by broadcasters, operators
and most vendors. Now, Inspect 2110 provides automated direct click connectivity to PRISM for deep analysis, providing an industry leading combination of ST 2110 monitoring and deep analysis solution.

Users report that PTP synchronization is a top challenge for ST 2110 migration. Now,
Inspect 2110 monitors PTP behavior and status while the PRISM waveform monitor enables
deep analysis.

Throughout its development, Telestream has future-proofed Inspect 2110’s design at every
stage. It features an API-first container-based microservice architecture for automation,
which is ready for cloud-centric architectures.

“As ST 2110 networks grow, operations staff lose visibility and require scalable automated
monitoring to provide visibility and alert on exceptions,” commented Agostino Canepa,
Director of Product Management at Telestream. “With Inspect 2110 and PRISM operating in
combination we have developed the first ST 2110 Monitoring & Waveform Monitor single
vendor solution. Using all the development resources of Telestream’s IQ and Tek Video business units, we have developed Inspect 2110 to provide scalable monitoring for simplified management of growing video networks. It provides single click automated connection of any ST 2110 video stream to PRISM for deep analysis, offering a single vendor monitoring & deep analysis solution.”

Shipments start this Fall.

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