Telestream Launches Live Production, Streaming System


pressimage-wirecastgear-jpgDigital media tools and workflow solutions provider Telestream has unveiled a portable computer workstation that is fully configured for live event production and streaming.

Wirecast Gear creates the ability to broadcast professionally produced live productions with a fully configured system built for live event streaming.

Sports broadcasters and news gatherers in the television business, and radio stations with local digital video news services (such as and are being courted by Telestream.

The Wirecast Gear workstation started shipping in early September, with pricing starting at $4,995.

“With the explosion in popularity of live streamed video, everyone is looking for ways to communicate via live video,” said Scott Murray, Vice President of Desktop Products at Telestream. “With Wirecast Gear, we made a lot of design decisions that make it ideal for the kinds of environments that people doing live production, switching and streaming need. We have built a product that makes it easy for anyone to start a professional live stream, at a price point that makes it affordable.”

Technically speaking, Wirecast Gear comes with four professional video input ports with options for either HDMI or SDI. At 9.85 inches deep and taking up 1.3 rack units (RU), the workstation can be inserted into a travel case or fitted with the included rubber feet and placed on a desktop. Solid state drives are used, as opposed to traditional spinning hard drives.

Wirecast Gear is built on a Windows 10 Pro 64bit platform with i7 Intel processors, 16GB of memory and a 250GB system drive. The unit also includes multiple network connectors, USB-C ports, as well as digital display outputs.