Teletubbies to be busted


The Teletubbies are back in the news already. A group called Public Advocate, a 501.c.4 non-profit group which claims to fight for the American family, is using the children's program stars to make a point. The Teletubbies and a man claiming to be Moses will be making the rounds outside Senate office buildings today, and at high noon, some other individuals identifying themselves as Thought Control Police will arrest them for thinking up such things as the Ten Commandments and – well, Public Advocate didn't really get around to explaining what the Teletubbies are thinking about.

But it's all to protest The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act, which would apply hate crime statutes to certain incidents involving homosexuals, which the group opposes, saying it amounts to the "…creation of a new thought crime" and which it calls part of "…the absurdity of the left's assault on the religious liberties." A spokesperson for the group said, "We cannot simply allow Christians, Moses or Teletubbies to say any thoughtful, politically incorrect statements."

TVBR observation: We certainly don't intend to get in the middle of this debate, other than to note that, thanks to the freedoms enjoyed by citizens of the US, Public Advocate is in fact able to express its thoughts on this issue openly and in public, even though in doing so it may well slow down foot traffic in an area we often find ourselves rushing through to meet yet another deadline. All we know is that if it's true that there's no such thing as bad publicity, it will be yet another positive day for the Teletubbies, and quite possibly a great relief for Tinky Winky not to be singled out for once.