Television is top source for economic news


Almost half of surveyed adults go to TV for econ news, according to The Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, in collaboration with the Behavior Research Center. And 64% of them think the coverage there is good to excellent. The television group comprised 48% of the total 450 person sample, and they outnumbered other media outlets combined. Newspaper was a distant second with 21%, followed by online at 16% and radio with 8%. Other categories took 7% of the total.

Quality economic reporting is at a premium at the moment, and Andrew Leckey, President the Center pointed out that this is most definitely news that gets used. "Our research indicates they make family financial decisions based on that information, which underscores the need for accurate, quality reporting on the economy."

The sample was made up of heads of households earning a minimum of $50K annually.

RBR/TVBR observation: In a normal news cycle, the state of the economy is buried under more exciting stories that bleed in order to lead. This clearly is not that kind of an economy. In any case, we believe that cable must make up a large part of the television share here – with channels devoted to business news 24/7 and with other news channels focusing on it as well, cable is the destination of choice for anybody wishing to suffer an instantaneous bout of economic depression, or for us optimists, try to chart a safe passage though these choppy economic waters..