Television News: CBS, Meredith, TV One, Fox, Rentrak, Scripps, Katz, Discovery


television-OTAItems: Quarterly conference calls have been set up, dividends announced, programs have been renewed, affiliation agreements have been signed and great-looking great-tasting food is on the menu.

* As usual, CBS is among to cement its place on the Q2 quarterly results conference call calendar. It’ll meet with investors and analysts and people like us Wednesday, 8/5/15 at 4:30, at which point it will be able to give an early read on life without Letterman.

* CBS also announced a dividend of $0.15, payable 7/1/15 to shareholders of record as of 6/10/15.

* Meredith is set to divide and prosper – a $0.4575 per share dividend will be paid to shareholders of record as of 5/29/15. It’s payable 6/15/15.

* TV One and Lexus are in partnership for another year of “Lexus Versus and Flow” – year five, in fact. The variety show is back for eight episodes Thursday starting 7/30/15.

* Fox and Meredith are teaming up – the mag side of Meredith, Family Circle in particular, will be participating in Fox’s MASTERCHEF. FC will sponsor a competition called the “Picture Perfect Challenge” which will require competing chefs to concoct a dish that looks as good as it tastes.

* Rentrak is on the caboose end of the conference call train – it will reveal its fiscal Q4 2015 results (Q1 for most companies) on Wednesday 5/27/15at 5PM eastern.

* Scripps and Katz Broadcasting have expanded their affiliation agreement – Scripps is adding to its roster of LAFF affiliates and initiating affiliations  with Katz’s Escape and Grit networks. All three are on multiple stations in multiple markets.

* Discovery Communications has set the time of its Q2 quarterly results conference call – it’s on the calendar for Wednesday 8/5/15 at 8:30 AM.