Television News: Comcast/NBCU, Disney, Time Warner, Sinclair, Media General/Raycom


television-OTATelevision news items of note: The first three companies have announced the timing of their next quarterly results conference calls; Sinclair is partnering with MGM in a sci-fi venture, and Media General signed up for Raycom’s ACC football/basketball package.

* Comcast/NBCU will meet with shareholders and analysts to discuss Q2 results later this month. The session is scheduled for Thursday 7/23/15 at 8:30AM eastern.

* Walt Disney will reveal the Q2 results for its many media properties on Tuesday 8/4/15. A conference call will be held at 2 PM Pacific, or 5PM for those of us in the eastern time zone.

* Also on the conference call schedule is content company Time Warner (not to be confused with the similarly-named cable company). It will discuss its Q2 results Wednesday 8/5/15 at 10:30 AM eastern.

* Sinclair is partnering with MGM to develop a multi-channel science fiction network. Sinclair will own the network, and MGM will utilize its vast collection of sci-fi films to program it. It is anticipated that it will be available to 30% of TV households by Q4.

* WISH-TV, Media General’s Indianapolis CW outlet, has a deal to carry live-action ACC sports during the 2015-2016 season. It will have rights to 13 football and 24 basketballs games. Raycom Sports operates the ACC broadcast operation.