Television news: Viacom, Gannett, Tribune


ViacomPlease find herewith news on a stock that may be poised to rise, a deal between a television group and a major network, a conference call notification and some trouble between Dish Network and a West Virginia judge.

* Sterne Agee analyst Vasily Karasyov thinks that current ratings trouble at Viacom are an indication that it’s a good time to think about buying its stock. He note an earlier severe market punishment on declines at MTV and Nickelodeon was overwrought, and that it didn’t take all that much improvement to improve ratings and shoot the stock price back up. The situation may be much the same now, and since the stock already seems to be in its “worst case scenario” location at the moment, the only way to go, likely, is up.

* Gannett has re-upped with ABC, in an agreement that will put all of its ABC affiliated stations on the same dates. The deal is described as long-term, with details on how long and how much withheld.

* The Tribune results conference call has been scheduled. In a move that will likely be very unpopular among the west coast analyst community, it will be held Tuesday 11/11/14 at 8:00AM eastern.

* Dish Network has been hit with a $22.5K fine for repeatedly calling a citizen to collect money the citizen didn’t owe, reported the West Virginia Record. The debt was incurred by the person who previously had the same phone number.