Television screen still the preferred viewing option


People watching TVWe keep hearing about people watching video over a phone or a tablet, but when it comes time to total up actual viewing hours, neither platform makes a dent in the hours devoted to an actual television set.

According to Parks Associates, smartphone viewing accounts for 1.6 hours weekly on average, and tablets account for another 1.3 hours.

Even combined, their usage pales in comparison to that of television, which is almost 20 hours per week.

There is no denying that use of the two newer screens is increasing rapidly. But they both are a long way from becoming platforms of choice.

“The percentage of video viewership among tablet households has tripled since 2010, rising from 9% to 28%,” said Glenn Hower, Research Analyst at Parks Associates. “For smartphone households, the percentage of video viewership doubled from 16% in 2010 to 31% in 2014. Increases in multiscreen video viewing are significant, but ultimately neither platform can duplicate the visual experience of the larger TV screen. Successful multiscreen video services need to offer unique services for each platform, complement the content on other screens, and leverage the typical conditions where people use certain devices.”


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