Tennis move bounces Dr. Phil schedule as well


The 10th season of “Dr. Phil” was set to kick off Monday, September 12th with a much-ballyhooed interview with George and Cindy Anthony, whose daughter was acquitted of killing her young daughter. But with rain delays pushing the Men’s Final of the US Open Tennis Tournament to Monday, the big two-day interview has been pushed to Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The parents of Casey Anthony, who was acquitted in July of the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, break their silence for the first time since the trial in a riveting multi-part interview,” the Dr. Phil show declared.  The couple has been near the center of a case that captured the attention of the nation for almost three years.  From the time their granddaughter was reported missing, to the indictment and imprisonment of their daughter, and through the sensational trial that lasted several weeks, the couple’s lives have been subjected to an incredible amount of examination.  “Despite the intense scrutiny, there are many questions that remain unanswered, especially as to their role, if any, in the death of Caylee,” the show claimed.   

Dr. Phil interviewed the couple over a two-day period and in addition to the two episodes, a third show entitled “The Trial:  The Truth” is slated to air later in September.  This show will focus on the legal drama that played out at the trial on a daily basis this spring and summer.   

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