Terry adds two plus in Helena


SoldKevin Terry’s Montana Radio Company already has a pair of FMs in the Montana capital city, Helena. He now has a deal to add an AM-FM combo, plus an FM translator that goes with the AM.

The seller is Jim O’Connell, who will be exiting the radio biz.

According to George Kimble of Kozacko Media Services, who brokered the deal, the price will be $630K.

The stations already in hand include KIMO-FM and KMXM-FM. Here’s how the stations shape up in terms of facilities:

* KMTX-AM is a Class B on 950 kHz with 5 kW-U, DAN. The translator is on 96.3 MHz.
* KMTX-FM is a Class C on 105.3 MHz with 87 kW @ 1,946’
* KIMO-FM is a Class C on 107.3 MHz with 86 kW @ 2,162’
* KMXM-FM is a Class C2 on 102.3 MHz with 1.45 kW @ 2,139’

All four stations put a good signal over Helena.