TeshMedia shores up “Intelligence for Your Life” TV strip


John TeshThe TeshMedia Group has now completed the final development phase of its fall 2014 strip “Intelligence for Your Life,” the new half hour daily, syndicated TV program designed as a local news companion.

The slate of programming features former Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh in his return to television, actress Connie Sellecca, host of the Intelligence for Your Health Radio Show, and millennial expert Gib Gerard. The hosts highlight top headlining news stories through a unique, personalized life coaching approach with branded content and experts in key health and wellness, finance, dating and relationship, and personal legal advice categories.

TeshMedia ad clients including Walmart, Home Depot, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Geico Insurance, PetSmart and Toys R Us.

“Intelligence for Your Life” is part of the “Intelligence For” brand and trademark (health, relationships, pets, kids, money, etc.) that Tesh and Sellecca first created for Tesh’s popular radio show by the same name, which holds a weekly cume of 8.2 million listeners.

“We’ve had a chance to prove this content-curation concept with millions of our fans and with national brands over the past 12 years,” says Tesh. “Now we’ve developed a unique way to not only entertain viewers with ‘news they can use,’ but we’ve also become adept at crafting ‘native advertising’ for our brand partners. National and local advertisers can now travel along with these ‘intelligent’ tips as they continue into the digital universe.”