Tests a go for WTC broadcast


Gates-AirThe new One Workd Trade Center building will be able to house antennas for up to 11 television and 21 radio stations, providing an excellent perch from which to reach NewYork. GatesAir is helping possible move-ins test the site.

The antenna system is 1,700’ above ground level, offering an attractive  vantage point.

GatesAir said it “…will aid in installation, commissioning and onsite training to ensure that broadcasters and engineers from The Durst Organization, which manages and leases space at One World Trade Center, are familiar with the design and operation of the transmitters. The GatesAir service team will additionally undergo performance tests in advance of installation, including verification of pre-shipping tests conducted from its Quincy, Illinois manufacturing facility; and calibration of total UHF and VHF system power.”

“These tests will showcase the advantages of broadcasting from this next-generation site, and we’re enthused that GatesAir is supporting our efforts with their latest high-efficiency TV transmitters,” said John Lyons, assistant vice president and director of broadcasting for The Durst Organization.  “We believe that One World Trade Center will become the premier transmission site for over-the-air TV and radio broadcasters due to its attractive downtown location and clear line of sight.”


  1. Great news. With ATSC3 around the corner I sure hop there are serious fibre trunk paths at 3 or 4 times redundancy being future planned.

    I wonder how the signal is going north to Kingston & Poughkeepsie.

    Best Wishes on the build out !!!!

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