Texas CP gets its third owner


KMHO-FM CP already is building a history and it hasn’t even made it on the air yet. Despite its very young age and incomplete status it has already had two cities of license and is on its way to its third owner.

The station, when it is constructed, will be a Class A on 102.1 MHz with 6 kW off a 272’ HAAT antenna. According to the application filed for its acquisition, it will be in unrated territory, with the nearest market being San Antonio.

The buyer is George Chambers.

The seller is David Snavely’s Snavely Broadcasting Company LLC. It will receive $26.5K cash for the CP.

Snavely in turn acquired the station from In Phase Broadcasting, who won the CP at auction with a gross bid of $3.4K. However, application of a 35% bidding credit produced a net bid of only $2.2K.

Snavely was entitled to only a 25% bidding credit, and has already settled with the FCC via an unjust enrichment payment.

The applicants note that there is no further requirement on those lines and are awaiting FCC approval for this pending transaction.