Texas DIY project sold


Some creative financing is featured in the sale of KSAG-FM CP Pearsall TX from Gary S. Hess to Wendolynn Tellez. Both principal qualify for the FCC’s 35% bidding credit.

The station is going for $125K. Tellez will come up with $10K cash at closing, sign a promissory note for $45K and – here’s the creative part – Tellez will sign over a $70K promissory note in her favor from the Hispanic Christian Community Network to Hess.

Pearsall sits on I-35 about 50 miles southwest of San Antonio. The station, once it’s built, does not figure to be a major factor in that market, if it gets into it at all. It will follow the full-bore specifications of its class, but we’re talking Class A. It’s earmarked for 103.3 MHz with 6 kw @ 328’.