Texas FMs pairing up


KIXC-FM LLC already owns and operates KWFB-FM Holliday TX, serving the Wichita Falls market. Now it’s poised to add another.

The station on the table is KXXN-FM Iowa Park TX. It’s owned by Towers Investment Trust, headed by Bill Brothers.

KIXC is a 51-49 partnership between Daniel B. Balla and David L. Stewart, collectively part of Falls Radio LLC, on the majority side; and Fred R. and Evelyn K. Morton on the minority side.
The price of the station is $240K cash.

One item will not convey to the new owners. Towers is hanging on to its website ilovecatcountry.com, which it says it uses for other stations in its portfolio.

KXXN is a Class A on 96.3 MHz with 6 kW @ 256’. It gets a primary signal over most of Wichita Falls, beaming in from the west.

KWFB-FM is a full-market Class C3 on 100.9 MHz, with 18.5 kW @ 299’.