Texas noncom picks up Trinity FM CP


KTYR-FM is going to a new owner prior to making it on to the air. The station, earmarked for Trinity TX, will command a $350K price, coming from buyer Aleluya Christian Broadcasting Inc.

The buyer is headed by Roberto R. Villareal. The seller, KXVI Communications, is headed by Bill R. Wright.

ACBI will put down a $15K down payment and add $160K cash at closing, accounting for half the purchase price. The other half will be paid via a $175K promissory note.

KTYR will be a Class C1 with 100 kW @ 528’. Trinity is due north of Houston, but that top-ten market will be beyond the reach of the station.

ACBI owns four other Texas stations, KUZN-FM Centerville, KFTG-FM Pasadena, KBZR-AM Missouri City and KRTX-AM Rosenberg/Richmond.