Texas pirate questions FCC jurisdiction


A spectrum buccaneer found trolling the noncommercial zones of the FM band in Austin TX is claiming that the FCC has no authority over him, as he is a citizen of the Republic of Texas and therefore beyond the agency’s reach.

The pirate, Raymond Frank, tried a couple of other ploys to duck the traditional $10K fine, but he had an extra large obstacle to overcome: a prior on his rap sheet.

He was found operating on 90.1 MHz this time. The FCC said that it was certain Frank was aware of the rules, since it had already chased him off 100.1 MHz back in 2007.

In additional to claiming his alternate citizenship, Frank promised to never broadcast without a license again, and also charged that the FCC’s actions in the matter were a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Needless to say, the FCC was unpersuaded by Frank’s arguments and ordered that the fine be paid in full.