Texas Station, DISH Network In Agreement Dispute


The Brownsville Herald is reporting that KRGV Channel 5 (Rio Grande Valley, Texas) will no longer be available on the DISH Network. Apparently, the cable company and the owners of the station, the Manship family of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are at loggerheads over a retransmission consent agreement. The blackout also impacts television viewers of WBRZ in Baton Rouge.

On its website, KRGV says it has reached an impasse in negotiating a renewal of the agreement that provides for carriage of the station on DISH Network’s satellite system. KRGV says as of 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, its broadcast is no longer being carried by DISH. The TV station says it had granted DISH multiple extensions in hopes of coming up with a new deal.

In a news release, DISH says it is offering customers free over-the-air antennas.